“Welcome” the sinister Moreno to New York

Lets “welcome” to New York the guy who illegally handed over Julian Assange to British authorities.
Thursday September 26th, 12:00 p.m. Park Avenue & E 68th St, New York.
Americas Society/Council of the Americas, a well known Wall Street think tank, will award its highest honor, the Gold Insigne Award, to Lenín Moreno, the president of Ecuador, for his outstanding work on behalf of the world’s, and Ecuador’s, 1%:
-He condoned around $4 billion in tax debts to the richest 200 people and economic groups in Ecuador.
-He’s sent back to poverty 500 thousand ecuadorians who had been rescued from it by the previous government, presided by Rafael Correa.
-He has implemented all manner of austerity measures that the IMF demands of his client states, and that, of course, harm ordinary working men and women and favor the rich.
-He handed Julian Assange over to British authorities, violating all international asylum norms and practices, after the Rafael Correa government had not only granted him asylum, but also ecuadorian citizenship.

The president of Ecuador Handed Over Assange